Washington, USA (2018)


Washington is known for having misty, foggy days where the sun can just disappear.  All the more reason for me to visit when there is glorious mood on offer.  Ever since I accepted that moody dramatic images are all I want to shoot, my list of shooting locations has changed substantially from the normal tourist fare.

States like California are known for the sun and while there is a time and a place for that, it's remote, desolate and dramatic locations that capture my interest.  The Pacific Northwest has all of this and more.

I had heard of a beach where the shore was littered with huge tree trunks from forests around the area and I had to see it for myself.  I was up early on the hunt for a sunrise, but what I got excited me so much more.  I arrived at Rialto Beach to fog so thick I couldn't see the waves a mere 30 meters away.

A blue sky day really wouldn't do this location justice.  Walking along the beach I was awestruck at the shear size and number of trees that littered the beach.  Some of these giants had trunks several meters in diameter.  I can only imagine how strong the waves must have been to transport these giants to their resting place.

Walking through the trees I couldn't help but see the similarities of walking through a graveyard.  The fog added a shroud of mystery and combined with an eerie silence added all the spook factor I could need.

I wandered the beach for several hours capturing various trees along the way and even came across wild deer running through the forest.  I settled on selecting this composition as my image of choice for the area as it captured the scale of the giant trees while showing off the surrounding forest and beach.

My time in the Pacific Northwest in the foggy conditions felt magical and that served as the influence for trialing a new editing style on my shots from the region.

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