Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA (2018)


New Zealand is often considered the home of Middle Earth thanks to Lord of The Rings.  Yet, here I was, halfway around the world in Washington, looking at a location that could easily have been found in Rivendell.

Mount Rainier National Park took me by surprise.  It had everything on offer that I could want.  From the obvious views of the giant mountain itself to hidden gems like this scene here.

One another classic Pacific Northwest morning with thick fog there was no views of Mount Rainier on offer so my plans of scouting shooting locations of the mountain had to adapt.  Instead I drove the roads through the park on the lookout for anything that caught my eye.

This bridge running over Christine Falls grabbed my attention straight away but it wasn't until I walked down the trail below the road to look back at the bridge that I fell in love with this magical composition.

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