Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Crater Lake National Park, USA (2018)


During my time in California in July 2018, fires were rife across the whole state.  I had arrived at Crater Lake National park with clear skies, but was told about the smoke that would come in and cover the crater each afternoon and disappear the next morning.

Sure enough the smoke rolled in later in the afternoon and I captured one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen (see here for that shot) and I decided to return in the morning for some sunrise shots. 

Unfortunately what I woke up to was a layer of smoke covering the whole crater as it had not cleared as predicted.  Not one to walk away with nothing when I've traveled halfway around the world, I walked up one of the peaks on the rim before sunrise.  To my surprise I broke out above the smoke layer. 

What followed was an amazing sight as the morning sun popped up over the rim and lit up the smoke sitting in the crater.  I captured this shot of the smoke, light and crater all interacting to create a scene from another planet.

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