That Wanaka Tree
That Wanaka Tree

That Wanaka Tree

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand (2017)

I've waited a long time to share a shot of the Wanaka tree that I'm happy with. I try to avoid taking photos of subjects or locations that I feel have been shot to death unless I can do something unique or apply my style to it to make it at least a bit different. Hopefully this is a bit of the latter.

I tried to get a unique foreground for this composition, so I was pretty happy to find some petals on the shore next to the water.

Actually taking this shot proved a bit harder than it might look. In order to get everything in focus I had to use focus stacking and because I wanted to get close to the petals to capture their detail, it meant I had to shoot this as a vertical panorama. To get the appearance of smooth water, I had to use neutral density filters to reduce the amount of light getting into the camera and to extend the exposure time.

In the end this photo combines almost all of my technical knowledge into a single frame and with my signature style I believe this image stands out at such a popular location.

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