Sol Duc Falls
Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls

Olympic National Park, Washington, USA (2018)


My time in Washington in September 2018 was hindered by large fires right across the North West of America and Canada.  Large mountain expanses weren't visible so exploring the great forests of the North West was the best way to come away from Washington with some experiences and images I could be proud of.

Aside from the respiratory issues that came with the smoke there was one unexpected benefit.  As the sun would pass through the smoke into the forest the light would soften and shift to a lovely golden colour.  It was mid afternoon and the light entering the forest was like being out at sunset.

Sol Duc Falls was the goal of this particular walk through the forest and it sure lived up to the expectations.  Seeing the multiple falls drop into the canyon that the water had made over thousands of years was very therapeutic.  There's something about the impermanence of waterfalls that I always find calming.

I started shooting an image from the bridge that you can see in this frame but noticed a ledge in the canyon that I thought would give a unique perspective.  A careful climb down into the canyon and I found myself at eye level with the top of the falls.  I was really happy with this composition as it allowed for some good foreground detail and a natural framing that would draw the eye into the falls.

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