Newest Images - 2019 - USA Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the first of many blog updates to showcase my latest portfolio images.

It's March 2019 and I have returned to New Zealand with a lifetime supply of images from my travels.  In July last year I put my engineering job on hold and set off on the trip of a lifetime.  Over the next 7 months I traveled solo to USA, Canada, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, Antarctica, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia and Fiji.  Not all of those countries were for the sole purpose of capturing world-class landscapes, but I'm sure you can see a few that most certainly were.

Blog posts that feature new images will showcase the photos and provide a brief commentary.  To find out more details for any particular image just click on the image.


My trip started on the West Coast of America in San Francisco where I settled for a week to get my bearings in a new country and catch up with a few friends.  While in the city I moved away from my traditional landscape photography and dabbled with some cityscape and nightscape photography.

Night Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Twin Towers

Lombard Street Light Trails

Ribbons of Light

Golden Gate Mood Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Mood


Moving on from San Francisco I traveled inland through Sacramento, Tahoe, Lassen National Park and North to Crater Lake National Park.  At the time, many of the North-West states of America had numerous wildfires.  My time through these states was dictated by the smoke and closure of areas.  The destruction from these fires is terrible and the smoke hindered my progress in certain areas.  In others, like Crater Lake National Park it provided some other worldly conditions.

Smoke Road Sunset

 At The End of The Tunnel

Crater Lake Sun Rays Smoke Sunset

 How It Ends

Crater Lake Sunrise Smoke

Ring of Fire

Oregon Sunset Mountain Layers

Sliver of Light


My travels took me north through the lovely town of Bend to Mount Hood.  I found a spot to photograph its majesty before heading on to Portland.  A short stay to restock and recharge included shooting the infamous Multnohmah Falls.  A hugely popular tourist destination that required a lot of skill to photograph in a way that didn't depict the masses of people.

Trillium Lake Mount Hood

 Trillium and The Hood

Multnomah Falls Water Fall

Multnomah Falls


I continued my trip North passed Seattle as I was going to come back after the next epic leg of the journey.  A ferry ride up the coast of Canada to Alaska.  Seeing Alaska from the coast had been a dream of mine for a long time.  I decided not to take a cruise ship as they can't fit up the inland passage and they don't suit my lifestyle.  Instead I opted for the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry.  Less glamorous, but that was no concern to me as the views easily made up for it.  Although the landscapes were beautiful and reminded me a lot of Marlborough Sounds here in New Zealand, it was the long summer sunrises and sunsets that stole the show for me.  The voyage I embarked on took me from Bellingham in Washington to Juno in Alaska for a night stop over and then another 3 days to Kodiak and Homer.

Alaska Inside Passage Ferry Sunrise

 Morning Tranquility

Abstract Water Ripples


Red Alaskan Coast Sunset

Red Hour

Golden Sunset Alaska

Midas Touch

Alaskan Coastline Sunset

Alaska Mendenhall Glacier Iceberg


Homer Alaska Black and White Mountains



After a brief stop in Anchorage I hired a car for a few days and drove up to Denali National Park.  It didn't take long to realise that I hadn't given myself anywhere near enough time to fully explore Denali.  I was amazed at the beautiful ruggedness of the park and the abundance of wildlife, from caribou to grizzly bears with cubs.  Alaska is now firmly planted on the must visit again list. 

Denali National Park River

Down by The River

Denali National Park Mountains

I'll Be Back


Returning back to the mainland from Alaska I spent some time exploring Seattle.  I hadn't expected to but I really enjoyed the city.  It acted as a hub while I explored the National Parks in the area.  Coming from smaller cities in New Zealand I took the opportunity to capture some more cityscapes.

Seattle Skyline

Seattle Skyline

Seattle Space Needle

Infinity and Beyond

In my next blog post I'll be focusing on the beautiful state of Washington.  I'd love to know what you think of the images here, so please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me here.


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